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3D Printing for Medical Stories

Real models for an oncology presentation


Havas Life, Dusseldorf

This was another very exciting 3d creative project where I had to model protein and cancer cells. They had to be 3d printed and showed up on a presentation regarding oncology themes.


After an extended research on how the protein cell and the B-cell looks like, the modelling part has been done. The final size of each cell is round about the size of a baseball: 8 cm.

The whole modelling step has been done in ZBrush. This tool lets you produce all the details with millions of polygons, because it handles this huge amount of dense geo with ease. Having a great decimation tool, it helps you then to reduce the amount of polygons later on for the production while leaving the details. So the 3D printer can handle it very well.


The 3D pre-vis shows how the final product would look like. The protein cell was meant to be devided into two pieces where on each half the interior would be explained with illustrations.


Client: Havas Life, Dusseldorf

Concept: Havas Life, Dusseldorf
3D Development, modelling and production: Zoran Marjanovic

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