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Swiss Implant Technology


Thommen Medical

"Thommen Medical - We are the Swiss experts for dental implants. As a Swiss manufacturer, we develop and produce systems for dental prostheses that meet the highest standards of quality and safety."

[Source: Thommen Medical]

Beautiful Imagery for the Perfect Smile


I was commissioned to develop key visuals as step by step showcase of the implantology workflow. Together with Thommen Medical product developer it was a very exciting project modelling organic and technical parts in the same piece.

Animations explaining the therapy steps.


It for very important to have also animation which would describe the steps of the therapy without scaring the patient. Herefor we used very stylized character and avoiding blood as well as particles during the jaw drilling.

Example of single tooth restauration.

Restauration of all teeth, removeable


Client: Thommen Medical

Concept: Thommen Medical

Creative Direction and Art Direction: Zoran Marjanovic
3D Production and Post-Production: Zoran Marjanovic



STRATEC – Partnering Along New Lines

Image trailer for the one of the leading manufacturers of fully automated analyzer systems.

20201206_Diatron_Intro_Cells (00130).jpg

Three Good Reasons

CGI production for the manufacturer of hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents.

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