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Introducing Max

Biology catchy explained for children.

Sometimes a virtual character is the best way to go if you have childrens educational stories to tell. The 3d character has been used to answer childrens questions about biology.

Introducing Max: The 3D Character Bringing Biology to Life for Kids


I am excited to share some images from my latest project, which has been both thrilling and creatively fulfilling. The goal of this venture was to develop and produce a 3D character named Max, designed specifically to resonate with children. Max's mission is to explain various topics from the world of biology in a way that is both child-friendly and entertaining.


Bringing Biology to Life


Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and biology is a subject brimming with fascinating questions. Max is here to address those questions with clarity and charm. For instance, Max tackles the ever-puzzling question of why a fart smells. Using humor and simple explanations, Max breaks down the biological processes behind this common bodily function.

Another example is the question of why we experience muscle soreness after exercising. Max explains the science of muscle fibers and lactic acid in a way that is easy for young minds to grasp, turning a potentially confusing topic into an engaging learning experience.

From Static Poses to Dynamic Animations


Currently, the project consists of a series of static poses for each topic. Each pose is carefully crafted to convey Max's expressive and approachable personality. These images serve as a visual aid, making the educational content more engaging and memorable for children.

However, the journey doesn't end here. I hope that the client will be inspired to take the next step and animate Max. Bringing Max to life through motion would elevate the project to new heights, making the educational experience even more dynamic and captivating.


Character pose referencing body workouts and fitness.


"Let´s have a closer look to it."


The Future of Max


Animating Max would open up a world of possibilities. Imagine Max not only explaining concepts but also demonstrating them through movement and interaction. This would allow children to see biology in action, further enhancing their understanding and retention of the information.

In conclusion, this project has been a remarkable opportunity to merge education with creativity. Max, the 3D character, has the potential to become a beloved figure in children's educational content, making learning about biology an enjoyable adventure.


Stay tuned for more updates as we hopefully transition from static images to animated storytelling, making science even more accessible and fun for kids.


3D Development, Production and Post-Production: Zoran Marjanovic



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